Fleischman Band Instrument Company
28 Aurelius Ave. Suite D
Auburn, NY 13021



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We are providing New American Manufacturer Instruments

Conn-Selmer Bach
Leblanc Scherl & Roth Selmer
Holton Ludwig Armstrong


Rental Pricing
Group A
Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone,  Percussion  Kits
Group B
Alto Saxophone, Oboe
Group C
Tenor Saxophone, French Horn
Rent $20.00 $39.00 $47.00
LDR*     5.00     7.00     8.00
Tax     2.00     3.68     4.40
Total $27.00 $49.68 $59.40
  • All New Instruments
  • Exchange At Any Time
  • Cash Discounts
  • Return At Any Time
  • Use Equity to Upgrade to a Pro Instrument
  • All American Made Instruments

3 Month Trial Period

Pay for the 1st month and the 2nd and 3rd months are FREE!

Monthly payments start after the 90-day trial period.

  • You are choosing a locally owned dealer and a locally owned provider of band and string instruments.
  • We are providing all new or truly ‘like new’ band and string instruments.
  • You may exchange your instrument at any time. All equity in the instrument will be transferred from the old instrument to the new instrument.
  • You may apply 24 months of your equity to the purchase of an intermediate or professional instrument.
  • This is a month to month rental program. If you are current, you may return your instrument and cancel at any time without further obligation.
  • We offer a 30% cash discount on the unpaid balance of your rental contract.
  • You may obtain loss, damage and repair coverage on your child’s instrument.
  • We are providing only new American made instruments to your rental program.
  • We are a member of First Instrument. This is a rewards program that can provide free instruments to your school’s music program.