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We carry the instrument, books and music stand that were selected by your teacher.  We deliver everything to your school.

Select the instrument you are playing (from the table below) and your rental agreement will pop up.  Please print the contract, fill out the contract, enclose a check or credit card or debit card number and mail to:

144 Genesee St. 
Suite 102-156
Auburn, NY  13021

Any questions call 315-627-0090 or e-mail

Flute Clarinet Alto Saxophone
Trumpet Trombone Percussion Kit

Thank you.

Flute, Clarinet,
Trumpet, Trombone,
Percussion Kit
  Ato Saxophone
$20.00 Instrument Rental $39.00
5.00 LDR 7.00
2.00 Sales Tax 3.68
6.95 Breeze Easy Book (incl. tax) 6.95
7.95 Good Book (incl. tax) 7.95
10.00 Music Stand (incl. tax) 10.00
$51.90 Total $74.58

Please mail the completed Rental Agreement with the above payment to our mailing address:

144 Genesee St. 
Suite 102-156
Auburn, NY  13021